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If your car is having starting problem, you can do one of the following to solve the problem:


1) Replace defective battery.  Choose this option if the battery voltage is low and won't hold charge. By performing an AVR test on the battery, if your battery has a CCA strength lower than 40%, then it is your battery that is giving you the problem.


2) Use household baking soda to clean corrosion off of the battery terminals. Add 2 cups of water with 4 tablespoons of baking soda and pour this on the corroded terminal. Baking soda will then neutralize the acid from the corrosion which you can then wipe off with a towel.  Choose this option if you hear a clicking noise when you try to start your car. Corrosion at the battery terminal would cause insufficient amperage to power the starter motor. The slow turning starter motor is what is causing the clicking noise.


3) Replace defective alternator. Choose this option if the alternator voltage and amperage is low and won't hold charge. By performing an AVR test on the alternator, if your alternator has an amperage lower than 45 and voltage lower than 9.6, then it is your alternator that is giving you the starting problem.


4) Check the tension on the serpentine belt and adjust the tensioner if needed to ensure the belt is snug but still rotating freely. Choose this option if your battery light is on.


5) Replace serpentine belt.  Choose this option if the belt is worn out and unable to rotate the supporting parts of the car.


6) Replace starter motor.  Choose this option if the starter motor is weak and would not spin.


7) Check to see if there's physical damage to the engine causing it to not work

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