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Winter maintenance special  


*Replace Engine Oil and oil Filter.

*Check and Top up Coolant strength for freezing point -35c.

*Check and Test Battery strength

*Rotate tires, Inspect for wear and set tires pressure.

*Inspect Front and rear Brakes.

*Inspect tie rod ends, and steering components.

*Inspect suspension components.

*Inspect drive-shaft boots.

*Inspect Park Brake Adjustment

*Inspect Brake hoses and lines.

*check all lights.

*Inspect exhaust system

*Inspect the underbody

*check all fluids levels, condition of fluids, and for leaks.


all for $69.95

Air conditioning service


Enjoy full strength cool air coniditioning while driving in this hot weather.  We will make sure your air conditioning is functioning, hoses are not leaking and coolant level is topped up!  We resolve all auto air conditioning problems and get your car back on track.  


Call us today at 905-240-8820!  


We are very familiar with auto air conditioning of all makes and models!


Internals clean special  


*Injector flush

*De-carbonize intake system treatment


for $129.95 Value list at $209.99

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